Start-ups are innovative, dynamic, full of energy – and they display courage. It would be a real shame if they inadvertently put the brakes on their own journey to success by neglecting to protect their innovation. As we know, good ideas are quickly copied. Therefore, start-ups should inform themselves at an early stage about protecting their intellectual property. This includes trade marks, patents and designs. Whoever takes care of these IP rights is at an
St.Gallen, Switzerland, October 2018 – START Global is proud to announce its Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Switzerland. The worldwide leading enabler of digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge shares the same values as START Global by supporting individuals, startups and companies through innovative processes and supporting them to develop disruptive business ideas.   Since START Global has been experiencing exponential growth, the focus on valuable partners in terms
St.Gallen, Switzerland, March 2018 – START Global once again continues their partnership with Deutsche Bank. Through the cooperation, established in 2016, Deutsche Bank will be present at various event formats at START Summit 2018.   Deutsche Bank is Germany’s largest retail bank with branches all over the world. The corporate foster innovation and technology with their own Digital Factory close to Frankfurt as well as various Innovation Labs throughout the world. The partnership with START
St.Gallen, Switzerland, March 2018 – Wenger & Vieli’s Start-Up and Venture Capital Practice Group is supporting START Global for another year. With their long-term experience and specialized knowledge in the areas of information technology, telecommunications, life science, cleantech, impact investments, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, crowdfunding, and more they have decided to prolong their partnership with START Global, the leading student initiative for entrepreneurship and technology. Wenger & Vieli sees young entrepreneurs and start-ups as the very
St.Gallen, Schweiz, März 2018. – START Global, eine Initiative von Studenten und Veranstalter der grössten studentisch organisierten Messe für Unternehmertum und Technologie in Europa, hat RAI Lab, Innovationslabor der Raiffeisen, als Partner für den START Summit in St. Gallen gewonnen. Sowohl auf nationaler als auch auf regionaler Ebene engagiert sich Raiffeisen in den Bereichen Sport, Kultur und in sozialen Projekten. Die Genossenschaft fördert stark das Unternehmertum in der Schweiz und verfolgt innovative Projekte über das