Swiss Sustainable impact Award

Swiss sustainable impact Award

The Swiss Sustainable Impact Award will provide 12 Projects and Startups with the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of a jury consisting of professors and industry experts. This award also serves as your chance to present your idea to START Summit participants, including investors, corporates, as well as young talents from the best universities. To top it off, you also have the chance to win CHF 10,000 and have your START Summit ticket reimbursed.

Want a free START Summit Ticket, the opportunity to win CHF 10'000 for your project and the chance to pitch in front of the UN, Planet A and 6'000 people?

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You can apply if you fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Your project or Startup must be based in Switzerland.
  2. Your project or Startup must focus on initiatives with the potential for sustainable global impact.


  1. Fill out the Application Form on our Website
  2. Application Portal will be open from October 31st till March 3rd. 
  3. Rolling applications - apply now, or it might be too late!

Where does the Swiss sustainable impact award take place?

After the application deadline, the top 12 Startups will be selected by industry experts and have their tickets reimbursed. Additionally, they will progress to the finals, where they can pitch their ideas on the sustainability stage and win a prize of 10,000 CHF.