Start Summiteer

What is START Summiteer?

START Summiteer offers 30 early-stage startups the opportunity to present their venture in front of industry leaders, serial founders and Europe’s most renowned VCs. Summiteer will be THE source of inspiration for the next and current generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Following the Quarterfinals, the Semifinals and Finals will take place on stage and will mark one of the most memorable events of START Summit. 

In order to be eligible to apply you must have purchased min. 1 startup or scaleup ticket for START Summit

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Apply to START Summiteer

START Summiteer is open to early stage startups/founders who fulfil the following criteria:

  1. You have to be founded in 2021 or later
  2. You have received less than 500.000 CHF in funding 
  3. You have to be an independent legal entity
  4. You have to purchase min. 1 startup or scaleup ticket for START Summit


  1. Apply for START Summiteer after you purchased your startup or scaleup ticket
  2. Fill out the Application Form on Website
  3. Application Portal will be open from October 31st till mid February
  4. Rolling applications - apply now, or it might be too late!

Where does START Summiteer take place?

In the quarterfinals 6 startups compete against each other in a zoom meeting with 3 Judges. The best 12 startups will move into the semi-finals which take place on the 21st of March at START Summit in St. Gallen. Finally, the best 4 will compete in the finals on the main stage and win 10.000 CHF.