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The event management team plans and executes all our events,
offering a unique opportunity to enhance organisational and structural skills.

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  • Draft your supporter strategy, recruit and manage 400+ people on-site at START Summit
  • Ideate and execute various off-summit events such as parties, receptions, dinners
  • Shape the customer journey of different customer groups of a 6’000+ participant event which may include stage design, construction supervision, and afterparty management
  • Design and orchestrate the logistics and backend operations for a large-scale event

START hack

  • Shape the customer journey of 500+ Hackers
  • As the team manager, your responsibilities include ensuring effective collaboration among team members and timely completion of assigned tasks during the construction, execution and deconstruction of the Hack
  • Arranging for necessary equipment and supplies, managing transportation, and coordinating with vendors and suppliers

START sphere

  • Take autonomous ownership of organising multiple events with 50 – 500 attendees throughout the year in different locations in Europe
  • Coordinate with partners, executing the event with us
  • Dive into the complexity of organising various different Events in different locations and with different requirements

Join the team!

Your benefits

  • Join a dynamic and passionate community dedicated to creating memorable experiences for you and the people around you
  • Develop your soft skills, such as leadership, communication, and organisational skills, early on in life (especially under stressful conditions)
  • Develop hard skills and gain hands-on experience in the planning and execution of event and project management
  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to build valuable working relationships and networking opportunities


Your profile

  • You are passionate about creating memorable and seamless event experiences
  • You possess a very structured approach to working or are willing to develop such skills
  • You have good organizational and communication skills or are willing to develop such skills
  • You know how to act, work, and communicate in very stressful conditions
  • You are willing to put others in the spotlight



Join the team!