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Join START's Partnerships Team to manage sponsorships, negotiate 5-figure deals,
and explore international markets.

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Dach partnerships

  • Bring together the Swiss Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Dive deep into the DACH Startup & VC ecosystem to see which investors or Companies are hot
  • Promote our initiative to the highest levels of executives or institutions.
  • Be responsible for Managing partnerships with the most well known Investors, Corporates, and Startups inside the DACH Area

International partnerships

  • Bridge ecosystems, identify synergies, and create growth opportunities
  • Identify emerging players, Startups, and investors for the expansion of our network
  • Promote initiatives, negotiate and strengthen our brand in European ecosystems
  • Lead partnerships, foster relationships, ensure mutual benefits.


  • Take charge of overseeing partnerships with renowned Investors, Corporates, and Startups on a global scale.
  • Play a pivotal role in fostering connections that lead to crucial investments at the pre-seed level
  • Organise office hours that provide a platform for dialogue, learning, and growth.
  • Help manage our demo day, where our Startups can showcase their expertise and ideas.
  • Actively shape the journeys of aspiring entrepreneurs and act as a mentor, coach, or VC interviewer.

PARTNER success 

  • Work together closely with high value investors and corporate partners by designing their formats with them and ensuring execution quality of the formats
  • Bridge the gap between different departments by managing operations and processes that involve partners of START
  • The position offers a mix between backend (managing operations and processes) and frontend (designing formats and ensuring execution with partners)
  • Get the full perspective on the customer journey of partners and the organizational structure of START


  • Build up and foster sponsoring partnerships with international consumer brands like Red Bull, Ovomaltine and Coca-Cola
  • Be part of a key component of the START Summit x Hack logistics, overseeing the inflow and outflow of goods, plan the resource allocation

NETwORK partnerships 

  • Partner with vital players in the Startup ecosystem like leading universities, entrepreneurship centers and initatives
  • Leverage synergies to support founders directly where they are
  • Coordinate with the Partnership departments of our Chapters and us to enable partnerships syngergies
  • Organise our communication directly to recent and aspiring founders

Your benefits

  • Sharpen your skills & prime yourself for your entrepreneurial career
  • Get to work with talented people in a professional and fun atmosphere
  • Be part of the dynamic, super-motivated & driven START Global Team
  • Take ownership and be responsible for your own portfolio of stakeholders
  • Gain a deep knowledge about sales processes and negotiations via professional trainings
  • Enjoy the Work Hard-Play Hard culture of the Partnerships Department!

Your profile

  • You have an extroverted personality
  • You are creative and are able to change your approach based on target groups
  • You present yourself and our projects in a convincing and confident way
  • You are a team player and have good communication skills
  • You are open to new challenging situations and can take ownership of your tasks
  • You have interpersonal skills and the ability to inspire people
  • Big Bonus if you already bring with you sales skills or knowledge of the investor ecosystem


Join the team!