The Pub-Crawl is your opportunity to meet people in a relaxed environment. Out of the office and away from formal meetings you connect with people on an equal footing and explore together the best bars in St. Gallen. Raise a toast and see what adventures or ideas the night will bring.



See you soon at START Summit 2024!

1. Where to be 30 minutes before your stage session:

Where to go:

Please be at the Founderful Speaker Lounge 30 minutes before your session (see image).
There you will be picked up by your Stage Runners, taken to the stage, connected with the moderator and wired up. The invite will include the name and phone number of your Stage Runner.

hall 1.0

2. Getting to your AMA session:

Where to go:

Please be at the Workshop Rooms 15 minutes before your AMA session (see image).
You can get there, by passing by the Sustainability Lounge in hall 1.0 and going into hall 9.1 (where the HACK and Opportunity Stage are located). There you take the stairs down in hall 9.0, where the Workshop Rooms (AMA Rooms) are located.

3. Your Shuttle
pick-up location:

Zurich Main Station

Where to go:

Please go to the meeting point sign in the main hall, as shown in the image below. The driver will be waiting there.

Driver not present? Please contact him via the phone number we will provide in the shuttle calendar invite.

Zurich Main Station Layout-1 1-1
Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 11.54.54

Zurich Airport

What to do:

Welcome Desk opening Hours: Today (Thursday): 08am - 6pm

Please proceed to the Welcome Desk in Arrival 2. The area is located right next to the Switzerlandinfo+ desk, directly to the left of the Customs Exit.

If the desk is not open, please make your way to Arrival 1 and please contact your driver.

A START team member will be there to take you to your personal shuttle.

St. Gallen Main Station

Where to go:

After arriving at St.Gallen Main Station, please use the exit leading through the underpass to the West towards the Ostschweizer Fachhochschule. A driver will be waiting there at Lagerstrasse at the taxi stand. Please refer to the image below for guidance.

Driver not present? please contact him via the phone number we will provide in the shuttle calendar invite.

airport 2

We cannot wait
to meet you there!