The Partnerships Department is the main source of START Global's financial resources. Our partners provide valuable assets to the organization, including knowledge, networks, and expertise. We strive to establish partnerships that benefit both parties, and you will be responsible for acquiring, developing, and managing these partnerships.

In this role, you will work with numerous companies such as Google, Cherry, UBS, IKEA and many more. As a member of our flatly-organized team, you will be given responsibilities from the beginning and have the opportunity to improve your soft skills in a professional environment.

Join the Team!


You will be managing all of the sponsors for START Global's projects.

  • You will be responsible for all the steps to conclude and maintain a successful sponsoring partnership with sponsors like RedBull, Rothschild or Schützengarten.
  • You will get to work independently and be creative in what you want to achieve.
  • You will negotiate sponsoring deals worth 5-figure amounts.

International - Partnerships

As a member of the International Partnerships team, you will forge and nurture relationships with key partners across diverse European markets. Your focus will be on creating impactful partnerships with investors, corporations, governmental institutions and startups within various regions of Europe.

  • Connecting European Entrepreneurial Landscapes: You will serve as a bridge, connecting the entrepreneurial ecosystems of different European countries with our mission. Your role will involve identifying synergies, fostering collaborations, and creating opportunities for growth and innovation across the continent.
  • Exploring Thriving Markets: Delve into the startup and venture capital landscapes of European regions to identify emerging players, cutting edge startups, and top investors. Your insights will contribute to the dynamic expansion of our network and the establishment of impactful partnerships.
  • Elevating Our Presence: By promoting our initiatives to, and negotiating with top-tier executives and institutions, you will help elevate the presence and influence of START Global in European (and not only) markets. Your efforts will contribute to strengthening our brand and creating strategic alliances that drive innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Managing High-Profile Partnerships: Take charge of managing partnerships with prominent investors, corporations, government officials and startups across Europe. Your responsibilities will include fostering strong relationships, ensuring mutual benefits, and enhancing the impact of these collaborations.

Joining the International Partnerships team presents a unique opportunity to shape the future of entrepreneurship in Europe, as well as developing key relational skills. You will be part of a dynamic and diverse team, leveraging your skills to create meaningful connections, drive innovation, and make a lasting impact on the European entrepreneurial landscape. If you are passionate about fostering collaborations, exploring new markets, and playing a pivotal role in the growth of an influential initiative, this role offers an exciting and rewarding journey.

DACH - Partnerships

As part of the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) Partnerships team, you will be at the forefront of cultivating and maintaining relationships with key partners across the DACH region. Your primary focus will be on establishing new partnerhips with Investors, Corporates and Startups in the DACH area

  • Bring together the Swiss Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with our Switzerland Area.
  • Dive deep into the DACH startup & VC ecosystem to see which investors or Companies are hot
  • Promote our initiative to the highest levels of Executives or institutions.
  • Be responsible for Managing partnerships with the most well known Investors, Corporates, and Start-Ups inside the DACH Area


You will be responsible for the final processes that significantly influence the experience of our partners. You will work at eye level with experienced executives as well as specialists in the respective industries and can enrich your network with exciting personalities.

  • Planning and execution of special formats such as the Switzerland or Sustainability Area in cooperation with our partners.
  • Creation of realistic, resilient concepts (e.g. planning of communication with partners and participants before, during and after the event) and scenarios for urgent events.
  • Close exchange with partners to meet their needs and interface with the event management team.


Are you ready to be the catalyst for an extraordinary cross-continental entrepreneurial journey with Europe, LatAm & Africa?

At FS Partnerships, we're offering you a unique role that revolves around connecting the vibrant entrepreneurial landscapes of Latin America and Europe. If you have a passion for forging powerful connections, driving innovation, and breaking down geographical barriers, this role is your gateway to a unique experience.

  • Drive the visibility of our initiative among top-level executives and institutions.
  • Take charge of overseeing partnerships with renowned Investors, Corporates, and startups on a global scale.
  • Play a pivotal role in fostering connections that lead to crucial investments at the pre-seed level, thanks to our investor partners.
  • Engage in office hours that provide a platform for dialogue, learning, and growth.
  • Help manage our demo day, where our startups can showcase their expertise and ideas.
  • Actively shape the journeys of aspiring entrepreneurs and act as a mentor, coach, or VC interviewer.

Open Positions:

  • Led the expansion of START Chapters across Latin America, building a strong and collaborative community that connects entrepreneurs and partners across continents. Additionally, you’ll also be responsible for shaping our angel platform, and building connections for a lifetime.
  • Be involved in all kinds of partnerships and directly talk to accelerators, angel investors, institutions, venture capitalists, and mentors. This is your best opportunity within START to build a broad basis regarding contact with all kinds of partners.

your benefits

  • Sharpen your skills & prime yourself for your entrepreneurial career
  • Get to work with talented people in a professional and fun atmosphere
  • A great amount of ownership of your projects
  • Be part of the dynamic, super-motivated & driven START Global Team
  • Gain a deep knowledge about sales processes and negotiations via professional trainings
  • Enjoy the Work Hard-Play Hard culture of the Partnerships Department!


Your profile

  • You are interested in diving into the entrepreneurial world
  • You are a team player and have good communication skills
  • You are open to new challenging situations and can take ownership of your tasks
  • You have interpersonal skills and the ability to inspire people
  • You have an extroverted personality