Technology & Innovation

The Technology & Innovation Department is responsible for building and maintaining the IT infrastructure used by all activities within the organisation and implementing and testing new innovative ideas. As a result, we work closely with each department at START Global and gain valuable insights into each project.

Throughout the year, our department constantly seeks new ways to achieve the organization's goals by automating existing processes and developing new solutions using state-of-the-art tools. This means that we face a wide range of challenges that require creativity and perseverance.

Join the Team!


You will be responsible for all the information technology and tools that START Global uses.

  • Working and setting up tools (e.g. HubSpot, Slack, Git, OEM, Asana)
  • Maintaining real-world enterprise stacks
  • Providing the infrastructure for the team
  • Reaching out to startups to find out about the best technologies and tools
  • Being responsible for maintaining and setting up the online event platform and ticketing solution
  • Managing various tech-stack for a +70 person organisation


You will drive innovation in the organisation

  • Developing new innovative solutions for the whole organisation
  • Writing and approving SRS (Software requirement specification) for external developers
  • Engineer long lasting software solutions for different departments at START
  • Create your own unique skillset in programming and planning of software architecture
  • Improve, update and maintain existing in-house software solutions


You will be responsible for data-driven decisions.

  • Help the company making well-founded data-driving decisions
  • Creating long lasting data tracking solutions and ensuring the data warehousing infrastructure
  • Analysing and understanding START related data
  • Data strategy and infrastructure, SEO, etc.
  • Automating data-crawl processes for all kinds of metrics

Your Profile

  • You are interested in diving into the entrepreneurial world
  • You value flexible/self-determined work hours
  • You are a team player and have good communication skills
  • You are open to new challenging situations and can take ownership of your tasks
  • You have a strong interest in technological topics such as data science, web development or process automation and appreciate a steep learning curve
  • Existing skills are welcome but not required!

your benefits

  • Sharpen your skills & prime yourself for your entrepreneurial career
  • Having access to courses to broaden the own knowledge about all kinds of topics about Technology
  • Get to work with talented people in a professional and fun atmosphere
  • A great amount of ownership of your projects
  • Be part of the dynamic, super-motivated & driven START Global Team
  • Get to know relevant tools such as Slack, HubSpot, Gmail and Asana from an administrator’s perspective