Why you should join one of the biggest and most entrepreneurial hackathons in Europe!

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Increased brand exposure and recognition among the tech community, participants, and attendees, showcasing the company's commitment to innovation and fostering technological advancements.


Outsource Innovation

Access to fresh ideas, innovative approaches, and creative solutions developed during the hackathon, potentially inspiring new directions for their products or services.


Recruit talents

Spotting talented individuals among participants for potential recruitment or collaboration, providing an opportunity to scout for future employees or partners.

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Grow your Network

Engaging with industry experts, other corporate partners, and the hackathon's audience, potentially leading to partnerships, collaborations, or business opportunities.


Product Feedback

Gaining valuable feedback on products or services by involving participants in challenges related to the company's offerings, providing insights for improvement or innovation.

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Skill Development

Enhancing coding, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills through intense and focused collaboration.
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Grow your Network

Connecting with fellow developers, mentors, industry experts, and potential employers, expanding professional networks.

Exposure to Technology Trends

Getting acquainted with the latest tools, technologies, and trends in the tech industry by working on current challenges.

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Potential Prizes and Recognition

Winning prizes, awards, or recognition for outstanding solutions or projects, enhancing credibility and visibility.


Hands-on Experience

Practical application of technical skills in a time-bound, real-world scenario, which helps in learning through doing.

Insight into Innovations

Exposure to cutting-edge ideas and technological solutions developed by participants, offering a glimpse into emerging trends and creativity within the field.


Networking and Collaboration

Connecting with other experts in the industry, fellow jury members, and organizers, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships.


Expertise Enhancement

Sharpening critical evaluation skills by assessing and providing feedback on various projects, improving analytical and decision-making abilities.

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Contributing to the Community

Playing a crucial role in supporting and encouraging innovation within the community, thereby fostering growth and development.

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Recognition and Prestige

Being associated with a reputable hackathon and having a role as a jury member can enhance professional credibility and reputation within the industry.

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Skill Refinement

Enhancing teaching, coaching, and problem-solving abilities by guiding participants through challenges and providing constructive feedback.

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Networking and Relationship Building

Establishing connections with participants, organizers, and fellow mentors, potentially leading to future collaborations or job opportunities.

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Staying Updated

Remaining abreast of the latest tools, technologies, and approaches in the field by engaging with participants' projects and their diverse solutions.


Personal Fulfillment

Finding fulfillment in contributing to the growth and skill development of aspiring individuals within the tech community.


Learning Opportunity

Gaining insights from diverse perspectives and approaches taken by participants, which can be personally enriching and educational.