What is START Fair

START Fair is one of the core formats of START Summit. With this format we aim to provide every early-stage startup the opportunity to showcase their ideas and, if existent, products at START Summit 2024. Startups that are accepted will be provided with a 2x2m booth, including a table, two chairs, and customisable banners. This is your chance to boost your visibility and gain invaluable exposure to top-tier investors, founders and talents!

In order to be eligible to apply you must have purchased min. 1 startup or scaleup ticket for START Summit

Apply Now


Apply for START Fair

START Fair is open to early start startups/founders who fulfil the following criteria:

  1. You have to be founded in 2021 or later
  2. You have received less then 1.000.000 CHF in funding 
  3. You have to be an independent legal entity


  1. Apply for START Fair after you've purchased one startup or scaleup ticket
  2. Fill out the Application Form on Website
  3. Application Portal will be open from October 31st till mid February.
  4. Rolling applications—apply now, or it might be too late!

Allocation on summit

Each Startup gets a Booth (2x2m) with a table and two chairs plus Banner!

What if you don’t fit into the Criteria?

If you don’t fit into the criteria and are still interested in a special Startup Booth please contact partnerships@startglobal.org