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STARTup School represents a structured educational program, offering a vibrant learning experience enriched with real-life case studies. Eplore topics like Google Analytics, how to build your Pitch Deck, Ads and Customer Funnels. Our primary objective is to equip our participants with a comprehensive array of practical hard and essential soft skills. The number of participants is capped to 30 which makes this format a "first come, first serve" affair.

BONUS: Win CHF 30,000 worth of legal services from Lenz & Staehelin

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Any START Summit ticket holder can sign up on our event platform for our Startup school!

Learn to Create World-Class Pitch Decks

Join us for our Learn to create world-class Pitch Decks workshop, an unique opportunity for those actively shaping their ideas into ventures. We’re focusing on mastering the art of creating a pitch deck, an essential tool for any entrepreneur. The workshop will start with a 10-15 minute introduction to the significance of pitch decks, covering why they’re crucial, what they should contain, and the importance of layout and design. Is the design industry-specific? How can one maximize a pitch deck’s utility?

Participants will then apply these insights, working on their own pitch decks with the chance to ask questions and seek advice during our mid-session Q&A. This workshop is not just about learning; it’s about doing. You’ll leave not only with theoretical knowledge, but with a refined pitch deck that speaks to your audience and elevates your project. Join us to transform your vision into a compelling narrative that captivates and convinces!

After the session, you'll have the opportunity to submit your pitch deck and get the chance to pitch the next day in front of the Lenz and Staehelin team, with the chance to win CHF 30,000 in legal services.

Thursday, March 21 @ 11:15 am - 12:45 pm


Accelerating Business Growth: Scaling with Meta Ads

In today's digital era, achieving substantial business growth demands innovative approaches. This workshop caters to startups, corporates, and founders striving to navigate the complexities of digital advertising and harness the power of Meta ads for accelerated expansion. In this workshop, participants will explore the details of Meta ads, learning to craft targeted campaigns that resonate with their audience and yield tangible results. Emphasizing optimization techniques and data analytics, attendees will gain proficiency in enhancing campaign performance and driving ROI.

Thursday, March 21 @ 02:15 pm - 03:15 pm


Finding Co-Founders & Ideating with Entrepreneur First

Over the last decade, the team at Entrepreneur First has helped many exceptional & ambitious people to find a co-founder, develop an idea and build their own startup from scratch. Through this process, we have developed an in-depth and nuanced understanding of the process of finding co-founders and ideating. In this workshop, we will share some of our knowledge and frameworks and guide you through the process of identifying your Edge, i.e. your unfair advantage in solving a problem. We will then guide you on how to effectively identify optimal co-founders and you will take part in an ideation sprint with fellow workshop attendees.

Friday, March 22 @ 10:15 am - 11:45 am


AI - The Future of Marketing

Join us for an insightful workshop designed to empower businesses in harnessing the power of customer data. Discover effective strategies on utilizing customer data to drive informed decisions, enhance customer experiences, and optimize marketing efforts. Explore a myriad of available software solutions tailored to streamline data analysis and maximize efficiency in your operations. Stay ahead of the curve as we delve into upcoming trends in data utilization, offering invaluable foresight into emerging technologies and methodologies. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your business's data-driven capabilities and stay ahead in today's dynamic marketplace.

Friday, March 22 @ 12:30 pm - 02:00 pm


Where does
startup school take place?

Details regarding the time and location at START Summit 2024 will be revealed three weeks before the event.
Don't miss this chance to enhance your entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. See you there!